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The scientific study of turds. Although not traditionally recognized as a legitimate field of scientific research, Turdology has recently made some breakthroughs that have revolutionized the field. This recent progress is largely the result of the work of a group of Australian Turdologists who have for many years conducted extensive research sheep and other farmyard animals.

Turdologists employ the use of cutting edge technology and are admired by scientists in other fields of research for the many high-tech gizmo's that they use. Among these are the turdometer, for presisely measuring the physical dimensions of various turds, the turdiloscope, used for locating turds at the source, the turdmograph, for acurately plotting graphical representations of the data extracted from tests on many different turds, and the turdulatory analytical osmosifier, for analyzing the chemical composition of turds.
Turdology is for turdologists with turdiloscopes.
by Pol Potter May 31, 2010
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