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A turd maker is a meal of little, or no nutritional value. It could also be a meal that is bland, unexciting, was not necessarily what was desired, or otherwise failed to blow one's skirt up. Not necessarily foul or offensive, but a place holder in one's over-arching meal plan, which is consumed with the sole purpose of creating a turd later in the day.
Neil tried to make a delicious dinner, but it failed to blow his skirt up. He ate it anyway, and lovingly referred to it as his "turd maker", the meal that would help him "make turd" later.

"Hey Stephanie? why are you eating that horrible 'just add water', microwaveable, mac and cheese cup?"
Stephanie: "I don't eat it because I enjoy it, it's just a turd maker"
by turdmaker007 April 14, 2014
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someone who talks a lot of shit.
Did you hear what she said?
Yeah! what a turdmaker! Someone needs to put her in her place.
by ** us ** February 16, 2011
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