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a variation of the "#2"; with high explosiveness. Extreme projectile diarrhea.
"Yo brad why did you run out in the middle of that board meeting?"

"I totally had an intestinal meltdown and killed the office toilet with a turbodeuce."
by elhefe1981 April 07, 2009
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The ultimate in deucular pleasure. This fucking deuce is so hot, that your ass will explode on impact... As yor rectum fires feces at an astronomical rate be it either solid or liquid often resulting in spizzle barf
Man, I gots to drop a turbo deuce like Bruce done ridden Spruce Moose and goddamn it'll be colored chartreuse.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
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the shit you have to take after drinking coffee, this shit will make you sweat that cold sweat...this shit will not wait for you to find the cleanest bathroom in your workplace...this shit won't even let you put an ass gasket down on the toilet
Abdullah: Damn Kevin you came through with those bomb doughnuts from Aroma's...wait where are you going...
Kevin: (while holding his ass) ey man...i gotta go to the bathroom, i drank some coffee this morning with my niggaz in the V and i got the turbo deuce comin...
by STREETLIGHTS February 26, 2010
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