A bot used on Discord to create “tuppers” which will proxy a message as the registered Tupper. It has two main uses
1.) As a RP bot, due to the ease of creating of new Tuppers.

2.) As an Accessibility Bot for people with Multiple Personality Disorder
Many people use it in roleplay to send messages as a Tupper, often by typing a prefix followed by the message to be proxied. (Often like “TestPrefix: message”)
It has a Plural-Oriented Variant named PluralKit, which is often confused with Tupperbox.

Often, due to the amount of users, Tupperbox will crash, which often results in the Support Discord being flooded with confused/angry Roleplayers.
StarMan69: Chris: lmao gimme the bat
StarMan69: wait is Tupperbox down?
Mr_____: yea it is. it should be back in about 15 minutes

StarMan69: damn
by Robert McBlankington July 9, 2021