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Tulu Diamond is an internet celebrity and as known as TuluDIAMOND on MySpace.Owing to the fact that,he is living in Turkey now and he is 17.

His plentiful MySpace friend count and his stylish pictures were everywhere before.But he deleted his 2006-2008 account from MySpace and dissappeared.Middle of 2008,he backs to the MySpace and gets his new account and he still is using this account.

According to some people,he has got much more friends than his older account and his appearance changed a lot.

He likes fashion.He always mean that he want to be a fashion designer and a stylist.He wears his own clothing brand -his clothing banner is not famous or known just he makes his own clothes.He designed his own t-shirts etc.-

And again,according to some people,they talk about he was pretty egoistic,narsistic and self-lover.His profile writtings,his "About Me" sections are full with himself.Inspite of the fact that some people talk about he is pretty good,nice,kind and friendly.

He was quite opposite to "scene" or "emo" things but he was known as an emo or a scene kid.
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by xPrettyxGirlxLovesxLovex April 29, 2009
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