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The Tudeh Party of Iran (f. 1941) is an Iranian communist party. Its full name (Hezb-e Tudeh-ye Iran) translates to "Party of the Masses of Iran." It had close relations with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Tudeh was a major political party in Iran, prior to the purges of the Khomeinist regime.
Following the occupation of Iran by Allied Forces in August 1941 and the fall of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the conditions to form political parties in Iran became much better; the Tudeh Party of Iran (Hzeb-e Tudeh-e Iran was formed in September 1941 by a group of communists and people of different persuasion; the first congress was held in 1944 and the second congress in April 1948 in Tehran; the Tudeh Party took part in the first parliamentary elections, gained eight seats and held two Minister posts in the cabinet of Ahmad Qom of 1946; in August 1948 the party had to go underground; after the coup of August 1953 its members and supporters were persecuted; after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 the Tudeh Party became legal again but after a short period it was banned once more.
by Nader Usefpour September 21, 2007
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