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An extremely respectable breed, there is only one left. A very good-looking dino. He does not eat other dinos, because cannibalism is bad. He also is the kindest, most caring dinosaur you will ever meet. He can always make you laugh. He can always make you feel better when you are depressed. He can always fix everything in the world that could be wrong because he is just that perfect. The Tuckasaurus could have any woman in the world that he wants, yet he picks the Pokemon called "Squirtle." Squirtle is completely in love with the Tuckasaurus. It is not hard to understand why. After all, the Tuckasaurus is the most lovable dino there ever was.
Look at that Tuckasaurus! Dang, I wish I were him. He can get any chick. And he's so freaking hawt.
by SquirtleChick January 25, 2013
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