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Tubefucker is an individual to be met in almost every discussion on Youtube. It usually seems to be a poor, impotent,completely illiterate, dick-sucking patriosexual (of any nationality) without even the slightest trace of life and should be treated as such. Because of the facts mentioned, he/she loves to waste months and months sitting in front of his/her computer, typing moronic comments about other peoples' countries, their foreign policies, religion, general beliefs, colour of skin or anything at all. These inferior creatures seem to be heavily turned on by anything, that's not explicitly licking ass of their own country, race, belief, religion, sexual orientation et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum. In coping with such individuals, pay extreme caution, for tubefuckers appear to be the vast majority of Youtube users, because their comments are usually heavily thumb-upped or thumb-downed (in order of hundreds of votes). Another reason for being cautious when running into a tubefucker is their nature itself. Inferiority complex in these persons is extremely strong, so almost anything you can possibly say out loud will enrage them to the highest degree.
It should be noted, that just one tubefucker in discussion is capable of forcing author of the clip in question to disabling of comments.
Tubefucker: "yoo.... Go China..... shit up that US ass..... for god sake US must be eliminated.... US govenrment love peace??? eat my ass..... create more hi tech weapons and make US fear more China.... "
by Philip J. Fry June 15, 2008
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