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A size scale for Men to measure obese people beyond a size 2XL, also known as a "Tub". This scale (in increasing size) is read as follows: Tub, Super Tub, Poncho, Mega Poncho, Moomoo, Megamoo, Blanket, House Blanket, Ludicrous Blanket, Circus Tent.
Common Tub Scale incidents

Customer: "Hi, do you have any of these Joe Montana jerseys in a size House Blanket?"

Associate: "No sorry, we only carry jerseys up to a Megamoo. You'll have to try Tom's Portly & Wide. They have apparel up to Ludicrous Blanket.

By age 21, Terry was up to a Mega Poncho, and had to purchase two airline tickets for himself if he wanted to fly somewhere.

Rob was disappointed with the blanket selection at TubMart. He simply couldn't find an appropriate hawaiian blanket.

Bruce was embarrassed to find he got burger stains on his brand new Super Tub Hoodie.
by Megaddon January 17, 2010
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