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(Noun) The tsundoku, that Ode to the Great Unread, Shrine to the Word, Bibliophile's Inukshuk, Pillar of Light and Savior of Sorts, is the artistic and/or scientific materialization of piling up newly acquired books, in a TRP or TRQ, for utilitarian (lack of reading time/space/bookshelves) and/or psycho-pathologic (abibliophobia, fetish, OCD, hoarding or addiction) reasons.

The term dates back to the japanese Meiji era (1868-1912) and literally means 'reading pile'. Formed from the expression 'tsunde oku' (to let something pile up), in which 'oku' was swapped out for 'doku' (to read); the words then got cleverly mushed together.

The tsundoku scale ranging from just one unread book to a serious hoard, everyone is most likely to be "tsundokursed" one way or the other. Luckily, this isn't the worst problem one can have.
I have no feelings of guilt regarding the piles of books I have not read and perhaps will never read; I know that my tsundokus have unlimited patience. They will wait for me till the end of my days.
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by PAR1138 October 20, 2017
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(n.) Buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up on shelves or nightstands or floors
A Japanese word, so am not sure of how to use it in a sentence. I can only try: I am guilty of tsundoku
by Barachiel May 12, 2016
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