Tsundere ist jemand der sich nicht eingestehen kann/will, das er den anderen mag, und sein Temperament als Schutz benutzt, so eine Form Hass-Liebe (hier äußerst sich das Temperament dann gern angriffslustig), auch oberflächlich abweisend. Nicht selten

Ursprung: TsunDere ist ein Slang der hauptsächlich in Animes seine Wurzeln findet. Weiterführend ist der Ursprung in den weiblichen Charakteren zu finden.

Wortzusammensetzung: ..aus "Tsun Tsun" und "Dere Dere".
Beides wörter die (Gefühls-)Haltungen beschreiben. "Tsun Tsun" steht für kalt/barsch/brüsk/schroff/grob, während "Dere Dere" benutzt wird, wenn eine Person "spoony"* wird in gegenwart ihres Geliebten.

(* "spoony"kann man eigentlich nicht übersetzen; eine Mischung aus: liebes-verrückt, liebes-taumel, verlegenheit, verknallt sein..)
TsunDere Beispielcharaktere :
-Kurisu Makise aus Steins;Gate
-Luise aus "Zero no Tsukaima"
-Shana aus "Shakugan no Shana"
-Taiga, Rin, Haruhi...
by Cleay Levanitas December 20, 2013
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A person who hates the fact their in love with someone.(Usually used in Anime.)
Me:That girl is such a Tsundere
Friend:I was thinking the same thing
by AverageAnimeAdict March 26, 2020
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, a person “kam”who hides their true feelings by being “mean” when they are actually kind and like them.
“I hate you aru!” but he doesn't mean it he actually like them a lot. so he likes them beacause yeahs Tsundere is a Japanese term used to describe a persons personality. A Tsundere is a very cold and rude person when first meet them but slowly warms up to you. Though, a Tsundere doesn't show their affection very often, but you still know that they lobe you no matter what.
by kam’sasillygoose March 10, 2021
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A Japanese (adj) word. A person who is cold on the outside and soft inside. Mostly used in animes. More like the opposite of yandere.
1. Such a tsundere
2. That tsundere is smiling.
by Hella.Bitch June 07, 2019
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Someone who appears to be cold and standoffish yet is really a soft sweetheart.
Jeon Jeongguk of BTS is such a tsundere ! !
via giphy
by jeonggukisatsundere October 01, 2018
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A ridiculously annoying character (often female) in most animes and mangas that act cold or rude to the person they usually like, and over time, become less hostile and sweeter. They don't ever have a solid reason for pushing the one they desire away, and fling their finger in their direction and scream everytime said crush breathes the wrong way. They almost always say "baka" (idiot) for every other word.
"Baka! I-I would never have feelings for you!"

"And I have absolutely no problem with that. You're constantly hitting me for no fucking reason, and honestly, I'm tired of your bullshit. One time, I literally defied gravity to fall straight into your tits on accident, apologized profusely, yet you still beat the shit out of me. Now everytime I see you, my dick shrivels up because I remember how unnecessarily abusive you are, and this is why no guy will will ever love you. If they do, they're obviously into some tsundere shit."
by RiceBeani February 23, 2020
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