An acronym for "Two step analysis process"
Iam "When I watch something new I usually start by breaking down the video by doing a Tsap and then writing about it. Step one is asking myself 'How does this relate to the things I've written?' and step two is asking 'How does this apply to me personally?'. The answer to the former is usually 'favorably'. The people I'm listening to are saying things that are at least adjacent to the point I was trying to illustrate. Which is probably the result of the algorithm guiding me to whatever it is I'm watching. It tends to feed people information that coincides with their beliefs or views. The answer to the latter is "not flattering". It isn't hard (at times) to liken me to people I disagree with on a fundamental level. I probably need a better process of analysis. The current one is not helping me determine whether or not I'm the good one or the bad one."
by Hym Iam April 26, 2022
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