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A party game. It's truth or dare, except the dare is always taking a bite of a nasty piece of toast.
We decided to play truth or toast. Tobias almost threw up after choosing the toast.
by Wutermelen October 25, 2012
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A game popular among teenagers. It is usually played in a small group. Each person, on their turn, has the choice of answering an awkward question. If they don't want to, then the other people in the group select something horrible for the person to do with a piece of toast. For example, they might have to dip part of the toast in flat soda, melt chocolate on that part, microwave the toast, and then take a bite. The same piece of toast is used for the entire game. So, continuing the example, the next person might have to rub the bread in the soles of everyone's shoes, then bite the side containing a piece of melted chocolate.
James, Barney, John, Doug, and Mickey all felt slightly sick after an intense game of Truth or Toast. Barney refused to answer when James asked him about his masturbation habits, so they made Barney dip a good portion of the bread into John's mother's fishtank. Then, when Doug refused to answer a question, James made him light the toast on fire with his Zippo. It didn't stay lit very long due to it still being wet from the water from the tank, so James's turn wasn't too bad, and he just took a bite from an untouched portion of the toast.
by Mary Sue Bacontoes November 28, 2010
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