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Truph, not to be confused with "truth" or "trooph" can be best defined as "Truph." Truph can describe a multitude of situations, ideas, objects, people, music, statements, places, etc. It is appropriate do describe anything considering that the thing holds values in accordance with the Truph. Variations of the Word exist, most commonly, Trooph. While still acceptable, it is important to know how many "o's" are in Truph. The answer is NONE, because the Truph is about YOU! (U). Truph is Truph.
Matt: Henry just found $100 bucks on the ground!
Donnie: TRUPH!

Woman: I'm not happy with our financial situation.
Man: What do you mean? I work my ass off to keep this roof over our heads.
Woman: Thats not good enough! I need you to keep this Truph over our heads!
by El Mattador123 June 20, 2013
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