evil dictator whose sole purpose in life is to make freshman cry in AP World History
you're being so trupe-like today
by Vimala June 06, 2004
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When a joke gets killed.
When a chill/playful conversation gets too serious and kills the spirit, etc.
"Bruh it was a joke! Why you always gotta trupe?!"
"It never fails man, I can always count on you to trupe and kill the fucking mood!"
by BPM Ambassador November 07, 2016
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Truck/Coupe. A 2-door car-truck.
Examples of a Trupe are:
Ford Ranchero
Chevy ElCamino
GMC Cabalero
Dodge Rampage
Plymouth Scamp
VW Rabbit Sport-Truck
Subaru Brat

A 4-door car-truck, such as a Subaru Baja, is a Bedan (a Sedan with a pickup bed).
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
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