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Trunc, short for the word truncate, is the language of using multiple words slurred together in order to form a single word. Deriving from the 15th century, Trunc has evolved from being the shortening of syllables in order to meet the strict constraints of Iambic Pentameter, to the shortening and combing of entire syllables to create completely different sub-languages of English. Though when written, appears to be a single word, it is actually a string of shortened, common syllables in order to talk faster and more concise to fellow peers. Though most commonly refered to as "street talk," street talk is actually based on primary rules of Trunc and is one of many of the sub-languages of Trunc.
Uncommon examples of trunc:
- sumsabitch (sums-a'bitch : son of a bitch)
- oerthere (ore-ere : over there)
- whatf'uck (what-tf-uck : what the fuck)

Common examples of trunc:
- hellavu (hell-a'va : hell of a)
- lotsa (lot'sa : a lot of)
- watcha (wat'ch-a : what are you)
by Tyler B. January 14, 2004
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