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The gall to say things that are hateful and/or readily disproved, without shame or fear of justified reprisals.
"Can you believe this guy? He spent a career defrauding investors and contractors, spawned a fraudulent 'birther' movement and then pinned it on his political opponent, spent an entire campaign penning in the press at public events and goaded the audience into heaping abuse on them, publicly savaged a Gold Star family, said that a judge's Mexican heritage would keep him from ruling fairly in a fraud case against him, plans on keeping any member of one of the world's major religions from entering the US....and yet in his acceptance speech he has the trumption to declare that he'll unify the country? What a fraud."
by Groucho4President November 10, 2016
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employing aggressiveness and courage without the knowledge/intelligence behind it, or, when an assumption becomes a fact just because you say so
even though it looks like a few hundred thousand people, my trumption is that it's 1.5 million people - therefore it IS 1.5 million people!
by Onetwoeight January 24, 2017
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