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Extremely painful rectal flare-up, caused by GOP elected officials getting bent over by their Dotard and taking in the ass without any lube.
Nickey Haley: " I have the worst fucking trumporrhoids - I can't even sit down."

Anyone normal: "Why don't you stop spreading your ass cheeks so that donnie can ream you?"

Nickey Haley : "You know that I'm a loser and a racist. If I don't let dotard fuck me in the ass, who else will?"
by Littlehandsdonniedotard June 27, 2018
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A pain in America's ass or a pain in the ass of someone with sense. An acute flare up can occur in response to Donald Trump's dumbassery expressed in the form of a demented tweet or rambling incoherent speech.
I have a bad case of Trumporrhoids... better get the Preparation H.
by Dump Trump June 25, 2018
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