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Trumporama: A highly inaccurate and incorrect dramatic assessment of any piss storm Donald Trump causes or perceives and then lies openly about, because orama used at the end of another word is from Ancient Greek ὅρᾱμᾰ (hórāma, “sight”, “spectacle”) and is normally used to form, from one noun, a second meaning "wide view of" the first, or (with ironic reference to the preceding sense) "surfeit of", "overattention to", or "exaggerated praise of" the first. So the inauguration crowds that never materialized, but were reported by Donald Trump to be the biggest crowds ever, were a simple Trumporama, in other words a lie of epic proportion.
The confirmation hearings aren’t going well for the nominees, or the American public, but for Donald they are a real fuckin' Trumporama.

That “fucking wall” is assuredly a Trumporama, huh?
by keyline January 26, 2017
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