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Trumpholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon first described in 2016 in which intelligent, rational, empathetic and compassionate Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump during the U.S presidential election of 2016 express empathy and sympathy—and have positive feelings toward—President Donald Trump, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with him and his agenda.

Trumpholm syndrome is self-defense mechanism: bonding with Trump is the individual's response to trauma suffered by his rise to power.

Symptoms of Trumpholm syndrome often develop after a sustained period of trumpression.

The word "Trumpholm" is a portmanteau of "Trump" and "Stockholm" (referring to Stockholm syndrome).
"Ever since Cecilia's post-election trumpression transformed into Trumpholm syndrome, she's been able to get out of bed and go to work again; Jim said he even saw her smile while watching President Trump on the news."
by Samson Jargonistes November 11, 2016
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