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As opposed to being in the yang gang, one can identify as being a member of the Trump Clump. When you join the Trump Clump, you are called a Trump Clumper. All Trump Clumpers can be easily recognized by their trumpy, clumpy attitude.
Jp was very excited to become a Trump Clumper and convert others into the Trump Clump
by DABeast45 March 20, 2019
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While going for a facial during a sexual act, the intended target is missed and makes birth in the front of the hairline. The partner who has lovingly made such deposit, gently brushes the hair to the side in the fashion of Donald Trump. Leaving a messy pompadour in the front of the hair is the end result.
On Steak and BJ day I gave Cassie that Trump Clump. It was a good day.
by Hammy j2 March 31, 2017
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