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An expansive, forever doomed region of unbelievable debauchery, pervasive dishonesty and deeply penetrating, psychologic derangement from which there is seemingly no escape.
I'm searching for a place where my unsubstantiated beliefs automatically become incontrovertible fact, my truth-free opinions cannot be effectively criticized and my intransigent 'base' supports me in deference to any verifiable reality...'let's load-up and head to Trump World...where it's safe'
by YAWA February 27, 2019
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A land of make believe and evil where rules only apply to people who don't fit the defined stereotype and facts are only facts if so decreed by Lord Dampnut and his minions.
Sources said the caricature of Spicer by McCarthy struck a nerve and was upsetting to the press secretary and to his allies, who immediately saw how damaging it could be in Trumpworld.
by Antihero80 February 07, 2017
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