A Trump Camp or trumpcamp is a camp detaining and abusing illegal immigrants in the US, taking children away from their families, putting children into cages... Created by 45 president of the US: Republican Donald Trump, thus the name. The camps resemble concentration camps more than asylum centres.
The US is creating refugees by raging wars in other countries, and then instead of helping them they keep them in trump camps
by qmtm May 10, 2019
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A concentration camp where children who have been separated from their parents by the government are warehoused, usually without proper food, shelter or care.
Little Carlos cried all night as he laid on the cold concrete floor at the Trump Camp with only a foil survival blanket to keep warm.
by peppy flocker June 25, 2019
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Group cage accommodations for groups of tender age children 4, and under, that were taken from their parents seeking asylum. "Tax-Free" 600 dollars a night per child with extra cost for those with special needs.
Trump Summer Camp is nothing like kennels or zoo cages you would bring your pet to for boarding, as the children are all the children of different ethnicities and ages are bundled together in one big cage. Their enthusiasm was contagious, as was always a deafening scream for joy.
by mlhiss June 21, 2018
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