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An otherworldly street gang based out of north Dallas,TX. Involved in Drug Trafficking, Extortion, Prostitution, Illegal Weapons Distribution, Contracted Homicide, Street Racing, Graffiti, Organized Fight Clubs, Armed Robbery and a laundry list of other crimes. They were founded on 11/1/05 by Gryphon a.k.a. ~S!N~, IC, Token, and EkR0. In the short term of their existence they have spread across all of the southern united states. Members nearing the 10,000's. To date it still holds the highest depth of secrecy of any known organized crime syndicate. The only markers know to be associated with the gang is the colors black and white, and a 7 pointed black crown. They are believed to be associated with the crips
Those niggas came outta nowhere and got fucked up by those true kings over there
by D-Greyd November 16, 2010
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