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Used to defend against an impending cool story bro. Usually uttered immediately after the narration of a story or anecdote (for full effect) worth telling, relevant to the conversation, and not an example of tl;dr or faggotry, so that any threat of ownage from jackasses is effectively neutralized. (Often abbreviated as' tsb' when used in text)
Person A: I remember I was stuck in an elevator in freshman year with a claustrophobic chick who was panting the shit out of the elevator. Gave me the heeby jeebies. True story bro.

Person B: ...
by Tyrone24 September 28, 2010
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a funny way of saying NO ONE CARES while someone is telling or explaining a story.

funniest when one who obviously isnt apart of the conversation says it,
douche: "yeah i was gonna go out with my girl last night but i was really tired from work so i just stayed home and played a round of black ops. but we chilled after and she-

me (turning around to the kids behind me in class); "true story bro?"

douche: "oh fuck you"

me: "you mad bro?"
by ithinkhesmadbro February 11, 2011
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