The best date movie ever. It is about a guy, Clarence (Christian Slater) who marries a prostitute, Alabama (Patricia Arquette). Slater kills her pimp and goes to get her belongins back, only the bag he thinks is hers is actually the mob's cocaine.

The reason it is the best date movie ever is because it has lots of pretty cool romance for her and sweet action and gangsta shit for him.

Easily the best bathroom fight scene ever.
Scene from True Romance:

Clarance: "That guy there in the black is Sonny Chiba, he's been paid to fuck this other dude up."
Alabama: "So he's the good guy?"
Clarance: "He ain't so much a good guy as just a bad motherfucker."
by PeaTearGriffin September 5, 2005
An average movie, ridiculously violent, but the Christopher Walken\Dennis Hopper exchange is worth the price of admission itself.
When True Romance is on cable, I watch the legendary scene where Hopper gives Walken a history lesson on Sicilians and then turn it off
by Woody Thomas September 3, 2006
a tight-ass movie about a dude who hooks up with a prostitute and ends up with thousands of dollars worth of cocaine, which he tries to sell to a big-time dealer for a large sum of money but instead gets caught up in the crossfire between the coke dealers and the police. finally at the end he runs away to mexico with his girl and lives there.
true romance is one of the best movies ever.
by b-low July 26, 2006