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when a person is being an arrogant hypocrite that defends oneself with an act of knowing better than the other, or trying to prove that he is better than the other, both by raising oneself higher, and lowering the other. Yet the fact is the very oposite. trying to make oneself seem like a victim when actually doing the exact oposite, making the other a victim silently, and when confronted, takes it as a personal attack, and responds with personal attack, but cares enough to explain how much it isn't.
guy 1: Truth and fact isn't the same.
guy 2: i bellieve you mean truth and personal opinion.
guy 2: Truth is always a fact.
guy 2: Facts are always true.
guy 1: That example was asenine.
guy 1: why do you try to prove me wrong three times? what did i ever do to you? you're such an ass.
guy 2: excuse me? that was a single arguement.
guy 1: whatever. You're just being immature.
guy 2: im sorry?
guy 1: every time i try to say something, you just have to try to prove me wrong, every darn time.
guy 2: That isn't true at all. When ever you try to prove anything you're just truderial.
guy 1: You need to finish this don't you.
guy 2: btw, what do you mean by "asenine," do you even know what that means?
guy 1: im so done.
guy 2: You're being so truderial right now.
by worstposter February 20, 2013
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