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A discreet method for a male to give himself a quick wank inside of his trousers. Generally performed by masturbating the genitals with the hands placed in one or both of the pants pockets. Occurs commonly in public places or during work hours when open masturbation would be very problematic or one cannot move to private location for relief. Trouser Tugs generally do not reach full climax due to the mess and problems associated with the appearance of Trouser Gravy.
Dan was so horny at work sitting in his cubicle while on conference call. Since he couldn't leave the call to go to the men's room for a quick wank to blow his load, he chose to sit at his desk and give himself a Trouser Tug instead. He chose not to cream himself and blow Trouser Gravy as he had to meet with his boss after the call.
by Tugg N. Harder September 30, 2015
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