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A word that can be substituded for the word 'treat' in some contexts, such as "he fell over a treat". It is used to describe a funny or significant event. Other variations of this word include "Trotsbutt" and many other examples.
This word was created by the comedy mastermind David Lewin.
Guy 1
"Hey, did you have sex with erica last night?"

Guy 2
"Damn straight, i ploughed her a trotsome!"

Guy 1
"Hey Terry, go in the toilet and check out that trotsbutt of a shit i just layed!"

As Erica awoke the next morning she noticed a pain in the back of her head. She wondered what had occured the previous night, but was oblivious. After going to college she noticed her friends laughing at her. She was curious as to what had happened. As the day dragged on, she asked her clostest friend Gloria what all the hype was about. To her horror, Erica found that she had been donkey punched a trotsome the night before by Duane... What a slut!
by Trashy Poo! February 08, 2010
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