A girl who her guy friends bring to events because she's pretty and other guys think she's their girlfriend. She is a hot piece of arm candy
Guy #1: hey Jamie, wanna go to a BBQ with me?

Jamie: sure! I'd love too

Guy #2: dang dude, is she your girlfriend?

Guy 1: no, we're just friends, she's my Trophy Girl
by GirlNextDoor1234 August 18, 2018
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Getting a girlfriend merely for her looks or status. Not for a long term or meaningful relationship.
Person 1: Oh My Gawd, did you know he's going out with her!!! She's so fine she looks like J-Lo!

Person 2: Yeah she fine but she's just a trophy girlfriend, it'll probably over in a week or so.
by Xuiin November 1, 2011
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