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The Trombone Player is the backbone of the band, especially marching bands and pep bands. This is partly because of the greater skill involved in being able to find the proper notes along the unmarked or non-graduated slide, unlike other musicians who rely on strict fingering charts or valve combinations. As a result of this greater ability, the Trombone player is also generally a better musician and will frequently go on to lead his own orchestra like Glenn Miller and Count Basie.
1) Damn dude, did you hear how totally superb those trombone players were? They completely carried the band.

2) After paying his dues on lesser instruments like the baritone and tuba, James felt he finally reached that level of experience necessary to play the only real low brass instrument that mattered and become a trombone player.
by The Arbiter of the Prophets April 29, 2008
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One of the most perverted verieties of band geek. They tend to be somewhat talented though. Band would be hard without them. The music they produce is beautiful.
Nick is a trombone player.
Nick told me that he wants to have sex with his instrument.
Nick was humping his trombone durring marching band practice the other day.
Nick often performs sensual dances involving his trombone.
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Person who plays trombone. The not geek to geek trombone player ratio is 1:6. Geeky trombone players tend to have voices that sound like lawn mowers and tend to think they are the best player in the section. They tend to splat (play so loud it sounds like crap).
Chris used to be a baritone player but he switched instruments but now he's a trombone player
by Skanomatopoia June 02, 2005
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Arguably the second worst type of member in a concert band (second only to the drummer). Trombone players generally lack not only in timing, but are also extremely inept at pitching notes.
1)How do you get a trombone player to take a solo?
Who cares?

2)That trombone player is beautiful Royden as bad a the drummer.
by Chrystoph May 28, 2007
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