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Trollabe is a mixture of the word Troll and the word Wannabe.

A real troll (good troll) will have some since in what they are saying to invoke mass argument and anger in others (possible for entertainment). They will usually try and validate their (possibly) made up opinion or statement with half truths and sometimes even bullshit to continue the mass flame war. Real Trolls are usually hard to spot and can easily fool people into thinking they are serious.

A Fake Troll is easy to spot. You can usually spot them if they coin terms like Kys, Drink Bleach, get Wrehkt, and m8. They usually say things like Hitler was a hero or crack jokes about 9/11 to easily trigger people. They usually make no sense and when they are caught with their bullshit they usually attack your grammar and spelling, calling you stupid. Fake Trolls are essentially bullies who use trolling to hurt peoples feelings which gives Real Trolls a Bad Rep and has single handily destroyed any chance of a Real Troll getting to troll. But if you are good at it then you can still get some real trolling done. Good luck troll army, end the fakes!
Real Troll: Donald Trump will be the best president our country has ever had.
*Massive Flame war*

Trollabe: Shut up you faggot DBZtards kys, Drink Bleach. Lol Get Wrehkt M8!
*Crickets chirping*

Real Troll: You're obviously a Trollabe so just stop embarrassing yourself
Trollabe: KYS you faggot!
by BillCorridorTheGodofDankMemes November 01, 2016
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