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A natural occurrence of idiocracy.

A metaphorical mass of "pwnage" falling rapidly down any form of group communication (e.g. forum, blog, wall post, conversation, etc.) directed at a single person or group resulting in them being buried beneath the trolling of their pride, credibility, intellect or any other interpretation of their social worth based on reputation, education or lack thereof.
Person 1: Power-lifting and Strongman events are real workouts, CrossFit is just an easy way of getting injured.

Person 2: Oh you think so, why don't you come try a workout at the CrossFit gym with "us" today?

Person 1: You don't even know how hard I kill it in the gym everyday.

Person 2: First off why are you avoiding my workout invitation?

Person 3: You can't go talking down about something you have no idea about, when you haven't even tried it; plus I'm sure that if I went to the gym with you I could do everything you do in relation to our weight and weight being lifted.

Person 4: Did this guy just go from speaking in generalities, quantitative data, to rebutting with his qualitative experiences because he has no empirical data to back his shit it up?

Person 5: I think person 1 just got "Troll-anched"
by March 13, 2013
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