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person 1: Dude why are you always texting?! I'm right here!
person 2: I'm not texting.
Person 1: Then what are you doing?
Person 2: Playing triviacrack
Person 1: oh, is that fun?
by csm1106 January 03, 2015
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An app that you compete with other players on by answering random questions. Basically, you click a button and hope for the correct answer. In the game, you spin a wheel and what it lands on determines what category the question will be in. A random question is chosen from the category and you'll have to answer it. Once you answer, the opponent will be able to spin the wheel and answer, and so on. On an Android, if you spin the wheel, return to the main menu by clicking the back button on the Android navigation bar, then return to the game you were in, you'll be able to spin again. When you spin again, it lands on the same thing it landed on the first time you spun, no matter how many times you do this process. This might mean that the game is rigged and what category the wheel lands on is pre-determined.
Steps to be a pro in Trivia Crack:
1. Click random buttons.
2. Hope you got the right answer.
by rfrsiopgjdog March 27, 2015
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