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A fat butted male individual with a soaring ego.
Someone who plays around with people's feelings, and/or plays games with people's minds (especially hot German girls, and other gullible girls).
Someone who thinks of himself as hot but, in reality, is far from it.
The name is usally associated with a male whore.

Also haircuts with strange patterns, such as random lines and letters, which look terrible although the person is unaware of their barber's terrible job.
Girl 1 "Oh my god, I did Triven last night"
Girl 2 "No way, I was in Triven's bed till 2am"
Girl 3 "Wait, Triven was with ME last night"

Girl 1 "Ew, that guy got a Triven haircut"
Girl 2 "I know, I saw, it looks awful"
by lastsecretadmirer March 23, 2009
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