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An act involving 3 willing participants. The first participant removes the lid of the cistern on the toilet and sits in while proceeding to take a nifty little dump inside. The second part-taker sits AC Slater style on the toilet bowl performing fellatio on the first participant whilst pissing into the toilet. The third and luckiest particpant will be kneeling like an alter boy with their lips firmly clasped in a suction grip around the anus while the second participant power dumps into their mouth. To finish the third participant then proceeds to splurge a creamy-corny parcel onto the bathroom floor.
Larry: you should have seen what I caught peter doing earlier. I walked into the bathroom and he was sitting top-deck in the ensuite having a triple decker Blumpkin with with Greg and Sarah. Shit everywhere.

Nora: :O
by TheBlumpkinator August 01, 2012
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