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to simultaneously high five two people at once, creating a circle of high fives.
When the basketball team scored, we celebratated with a trifive!
by LaurenNicolee January 10, 2009
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A super high five between three people. Usually friends.
Friend 1: See you later man
Friend 2: Alright bro
Friend 3: Later guys


Friend 3: Man that tri-five was gnarly
by jstn March 27, 2008
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Anal Sex, the origin was a Blizzard video game called Starcraft, where a transport ship would say what sounds like "in the butt five five five" hence tri-five for in the butt, aka anal sex.
So I did the Tri-five last night for the first time. She actually likes to tri-five.
by Brett Cox June 01, 2007
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