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There's always that try-hard, ugly asf girl who hangs with the popular, pretty girls to feel slightly more relevant and prettier. Thinks she's hot, when really her boobs are sagging out of her crop top thats like 10 sizes smaller, and her thighs rub together noticeably. Wears a tone of makeup because she knows she isn't shit without it. Also a judgemental bitch who thinks of herself highly upon others. Sleeps with every guy she can get a root from. She is that girl we all know who is a Chanel lifestyle wannabe on a $20 budget. Hence, she is 'Tricky Tricky' as people cannot tell whether she is cute or trashy.
Person A: "Oh, remember that Tricky Tricky girl?"
Person B: "Hahaha yeah, she's such a hoe"
Person A: "I know many hoes, if only she looked cute being one!"
by hoenest2k18 December 06, 2017
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