When you hook up with a girl that a close friend has recently hooked up with. Similar to trickle down economics, where the more experienced friend starts with the girl then she eventually trickles down to you.
Oh, you got with Samantha, so did I. Why do you always have to trickle me?
by MintMates October 11, 2016
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If you're trying to torrent or stream, but the network just isn't cooperating, then what you have is a trickle.
Gah! It's been twenty minutes and this five minute video has barely loaded! Network's moving at a trickle!
by PresterJohn December 22, 2011
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Generally used in MOBA and team-based arena games, "trickle in" is a term used to describe someone who, after losing all or the majority of their team, continues to charge in solo in an attempt to take on the enemy team, instead of waiting for reinforcements. A "kamikaze" play.
Newbie: What am I doing wrong? I keep dying...
Pro: Never, EVER, trickle in! It's suicidal and you'll just get destroyed! Wait for your team!
by Stormflora September 19, 2016
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When you don't quite love someone....yet you have more feelings for them then just liking them.
"I cant say I love John"
"But I sure as hell trickle him after a week of dating him"
by Adamm! June 15, 2007
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What's wrong with Sandra?
Oh, she's just trickling.

Oh thank GOD! I'm trickling!
by 213fs April 18, 2010
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After cheating in a relationship, the cheater has 2 options to move on. Guilt with either lead them to telling the full story, risk the consequences and begin the process of rebuilding trust with their partner, or they can tell the trickle truth and only give out the minor details, hiding the full story.
Tyler: Natalie told me she made out with another guy 3 months ago, right after we started dating.
Rob: She waited 3 months to tell you? It's probably trickle truth, and she did a lot more than that, but said just enough to remove her own guilt.
by Chrome3 February 24, 2016
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The Fluent Trickle is when a man, preferably in his 60s, starts having a seizure over his daughters breasts.

As the man is proceeding with the seizure the daughter will start to drink the saliva that is vigorously coming out of her fathers mouth. After that has happened the daughter will shave her pubic hair and will start to put each individual pube in her fathers bellend. Only to have the father ejaculate it in the daughters ass.
Me and my daddy were going to go shopping today, but instead he forced me to do the Fluent Trickle
by LE HENTAI November 17, 2016
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