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A band that plays a show while also performing comical jokes, gets the crowd involved with the show.

A band or musical performer who gets the crowd very involved in the show while performing.

Originated in Marion County, Ocala, Florida in 2008. Trickfig became a commonly used adjective to describe the "opposite" of a boring or dull musical performance, such as a rapper, rap star or any musical band thereof.
"You're Trickfig band rocks!"
"Are you goin' to play a Trickfig show, tonight?"
"That band is Trickfig!"
"Check-out that Trickfig move!"
"I can give you a Trickfig!"

EXAMPLE: A sax player in a "trickfig" band would walk through the crowd while playing and follow someone to the restroom to make the crowd laugh.

EXAMPLE: While performing, a musical artist will play a joke on, or sing something directly to, a member of the audience in an attempt to get them involved in the show; referred to as a "playing or doing a trickfig."
by emilysweet November 26, 2009
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