{JAKE}I know what you did last summer.

{CHRIS}What did i do??

{Jake}Just know that im tricking on you
by askboutme May 20, 2008
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1) A funny way to tell someone to stop fighting with you.

2) An (almost) polite way of telling someone you don't appreciate their insincerity.

3) To tell someone they need to get a life.

4) To telling someone off, but softening the blow because they are nothing but a trick-ass mark anyway.

5) The proclamation of a truce between two or more parties by the obvious victor in a fight.

6) To call a truce with someone who has no chance to succeed in fighting with you. The truce is their complete humility, and your victory is your love of life.

7) The only way to show compassion to a complete asshole.
Person 1: Look at me! I can lift myself up by putting other people beneath me!

Person 2: You better Taste My Treaty You Trick, or everyone here is going find out what your tears taste like.
by Naughtilus October 13, 2011
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You ain’t gonna let this hoe get away with their shit. Not today baby
“I’m gonna go fuck your man
“I think the fuck not you trick ass bitch”
by JustWantToGoHome May 18, 2020
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