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A trick2g complex is a speific category of the Dunning-Kruger effect and results in an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feeling of skill in regards to playing the League of Legends champions "Udyr", "Nasus", or possibly even "Volibear".

A person with a trick2g complex will refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, and is characterized by perpetually repeating specific trick2g "catchphrases" such as "#LATA" abusing the in-game laughing feature, and constantly referring to himself as "opening the gates" and "Godyr". The individual will usually avoid ganking, and at the slightest hint of a loss will inevitably end up in a raging fit of curses and slander aimed most likely at his team's "AD Carry" or "Mid".

There is no known cure for trick2g complex, but one proactive approach is to "dodge" the game once it is clear a teammate is infected. Trick2g complex is not a clinical term or diagnosable disorder, and does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
Udyr: "LATA bitches! #OPENINDAGATES"
Janna: "Oh great, another udyr with trick2g complex"
by CostaNostra August 08, 2015
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