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Term used to describe Homosexuals who are creepy, old, trashy, fat, and / or all of the above. Trick Trolls try desperately to have casual sex with other homosexuals but are more often than not rejected.

Often a Trick Troll tries to initiate a sexual encounter(s) with "party tools" ie. drugs, money, or the promise of material item(s). Trick Trolls are inherit to a societal predisposition of being unwanted.
Did you see that nasty trick troll trying to hit on me?

He is an old Trick Troll

Girl, that Trick Troll is epic fail.

Some Trick Troll offered him cash for sex.

I bet that creepy Trick Troll has nothing but Twink porn on his computer.
by |EStarr| August 27, 2009
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