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An amazing energy attack used only in a last ditch effort to defeat your enemy. Form your hands into a triangle, zero in on your opponent, focus all of your energy into your hands then shout TRI BEAM HAA!!! The impending blasts should incinerate your opponent.

As a word of caution using the Tri-Beam too many times may leave you exhausted or dead.
Dude Fighting: This guy is kicking my ass, WTF do I do?

Buddy: Throw your hands together and Tri Beam his face

Dude Fighting: TRIII BEEEAAM HAA HAA HAA!!! Holy shit it blew his head clean off!?!
by Jolly Roger Joe July 14, 2010
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Close to the end of a foursome the 3 male participants combine a 3 way punishing blow to the victim while screaming,"Tri-Beam!" As they nut
Steve:"Dude last night was great"
Jimmy: "Yeah it was"
Abe: "Dude she got drenched by our Tri-Beam technique"
by Almedin3 March 20, 2019
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