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A Trexxx is an ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) that makes situations horribly uncomfortable just by their mere presence and mental instability. A Trexxx is any dating persons worst nightmare. A Trexxx will hunt you down like an animal and ruin your life. The term comes from the T-Rex who can sense movement as depicted in the film Jurassic Park. Trexxx is pronounced as a one syllable word, however, and three 'x's are added in order to emphasize the immense danger associated iwth a trexxx.
Dude, did you hear what happened to Slick? His Trexxx came by his room last night and pretended to hyperventilate for three hours. When he wouldn't take her to the hospital that bitch-ass Trexxx pretended she was dying!
by Snick at Nite September 25, 2007
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