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An overly obsessed fan of the Star Trek TV series, movies etc... May place living the Star Trek lifestyle ahead of all other basic life functions. More extreme examples will have a room(s) full of collectibles, own copies of every TV episode and movie (maybe even multiple copies) and may even go out in public dressed in character and may even personally identify with one or more of the characters in the Star Trek paradigm. Most Trek Heads will be never married males of any age, though female Trek Heads who can't keep a relationship are known to occur.
Male laments: I used to like watching Star Trek on occasion, but then I dated a Trek Head for a couple of weeks and she wouldn't shut up about it the whole time. Now I can't stand anything to do with Star Trek.

Female laments: I saw a boy I thought was cute in class and thought about dating him until I saw his car with, NCC-1701-D painted on the hood and the wings on the trunk lid. No way I was going to date a Trek Head.
by The Devil Who Went To Georgia October 07, 2013
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