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A word originated in Los Angeles that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if someone said they were going to call you and didn't, they lied, and therefore treex. Or instead of using profanity, you can say treex. Treex is a very versatile word and is really flexible when used in speech.
Example 1:

Person #1) Hey I'll call you back in a little bit; I gotta eat dinner.

Person #2) Okay. Make sure you call back, because I gotta talk to you.

Three hours later....

Person #2) Why didn't you call back?

Person #1) I had to do my homework.

Person #2) Treex!

Example 2:

1) What's up bitch?

2) Mmm. What a treex...
by LingeringObsession February 28, 2009
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