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A guy who has a crush on a girl, so he is always doing really creepy stuff to help her be cause he wants to look good in front of her. Basically, a cross between a trooper and a creeper (NOT THE KIND IN MINECRAFT).

Trooper: a person who is always willing to help
For example;
Teacher: Are there any volunteers to bring the attendance down?
Mike: Sure, I'll do it!

Teacher: Wow Mike! Thanks for being a real trooper!

Girl: Teacher's pet!

Creeper: A person (usually a guy) who has a crush on another person (usually a girl) and does a lot of creepy things to get his/her attention.
For example;
Girl 1: OMG, do you see the way that dude keeps looking at you? What a freak.
Girl 2: I know. I think that dude has a crush on me, he's such a creeper.
Girl 1: Does anyone have a pen I could borrow?
Treeper: (running from across the room) SURE! I've got a pen! Pick mine! I warmed it up in my hands, just for you!
Girl 1: Ugh, ok...
Girl 2: Don't take his pen. That dude is such a treeper!
by Pacific Liberator March 26, 2015
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One who is a Creeper while texting
Girl: Who is this
Guy: Your secret admirer
Girl: No really, I don't have this
number. Who is this?
Guy: I told you. . .your secret admirer
Girl: I don't know who this is. Gbye.
Guy: Oh, sorry! I guess this isn't my
ex-gf. I got a new phone, but had
her old number in it. Anyways,
are you hott, too?
Girl: . . .and that is why you are a
by Annoyedx's1,000,0000 April 20, 2009
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