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The act of a male standing in a tree with a female located under him. The male then proceededs to masterbate to the point of climax and nuts on the females face.
Do you want to go outside and get some tree nut.
by Coopdogggg May 20, 2018
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Is a nickname for any chill girl. A name taken with honor given only to few. If you are lucky enough to have this honor bestowed upon you only 3 other people in the world are recorded to be called this! The 4th passed away just recently of being a total badass (usually the way Treenuts dies). Anyone with this name is loved by EVERYONE, especially her haters! Haters wish they can be her and pay more attention to them hence the hating to grab her attention.

When this person farts, gold dust comes out.

When she doesn't get what she wants God is afraid.

When she laughs starving children of Africa are fed.

When she cries the world stops.
Here comes Treenuts, I wish she would look at me.
by Ricashade August 11, 2011
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