A guy who is like a pige0n. He/it likes to eat everything and is trash at videogames. He is a skinny guy that like to drag race and knock ankles loose. He is a good guy and all the girls think they are to good for them.
by gcgwFLR PIge0n25243567 October 16, 2020
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Travis is a 12 year old kid who plays halo
"Yo Did you see Travis get that kill?"
by ackonyopp January 14, 2021
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A fat fuck often associated with a code Eugene. Will never participate in gym class and is known to make excuses such as, "My back hurts" or "I hurt my ankle". A Travis can be identified by the stench due to the fact that he NEVER showers. A Travis can often be found playing ROBLOX on the computer as well.
Guy 1:Oh my god! What is that smell?
Guy 2:That's just Travis.

Guy 1: If Travis reaches into his bag, i'm out of here!
by Eugene's backpack January 22, 2019
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